Open Sunday (again)..

November 25, 2008

I’ve been doing open houses in new builds for a long time, practically every non-holiday weekend since I got into this business. Oh how I hate the “new house” open house.  Hours upon hours of wasted time.  But, it is a neccesary evil when you represent builders.  Their product must be open for the public and it must be open all the time.  They will want you in these homes with no heat, electric or drywall, just “because”.  So for any realtor thinking about jumping into representing builders, get used to not having a weekend free, EVER.  Anyways, during some of these opens I have been asked many a question..from the niave first time home buyer with standard question like, “What kind of windows are these?” to the buyer who really is a frustrated builder and thinks its fun to try to stump  the salesperson and throws question after question at you until he is satisfied or gets bored.  The number one thing about opens though, you can be assured, no matter how few people came through, as soon as you lock the front door and put the sign in the trunk, someone will pull in the driveway, “Can we still get in?” you want to say “NO!” but you always let them in, turn the lights all back on, put on your smiley face.  You never know, they may be the ones, they may say “We want to write an offer tonight”, isn’t that why agents continue to do the open house?  Just like golf, one good shot keeps you coming back.  One double dip on a Sunday night will keep me coming back every weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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